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Ambitious Idea For Brazil World Cup Stadiums Being Considered

Aerial View Of Proposed Apartments. Credit Here.

In 1976, it seemed like a good idea. The Olympics were in Montréal that year, and they wanted to make them remarkable. So, the idea was to build a stadium with a large retractable roof. But, as the stadium grew, the roof continued to pester construction workers. It grew to such a hassle that it wasn’t even done in time for the 1976 Olympics. Or the 1980. The roof was not done until 1987, and since then the stadium has practically just sat there, falling apart, as $1 billion has gone down the drain.

Brazil’s leaders do not want a repeat of this in the stadiums built for the World Cup that occurred this June and July. This is why the architectural team at 1 Week 1 Project has come up with a solution that will keep the stadiums in use while helping to tackle one of Brazil’s major issues. The idea has been pitched that the stadiums be converted into affordable housing for those evicted by the construction of the arenas. Bold, yes, but a (at least) partial solution to 2 of the major issues in Brazil.

The Arena By The Sea, As A Proposed Apartment Complex. Credit Here.

This program- called Casa Futebol- fulfills a promise made by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, which was to provide low-cost housing to those displaced by the construction of the stadiums. This promise was reiterated by the Homeless Workers Movement, in which 7000 protestors occupied an empty lot next to the $455 million opening match stadium.

Revenue to pay for the construction of the housing would be accumulated by the funds made off of continuing soccer matches being played in them.

While this proposition is still being considered, the only other idea pitched that is seriously being considered is turning the arenas into jails. The stadium officials do say though that they will be repurposed, and the best-looking way would be to turn them into low-cost homes for poverty-stricken Brazilians.

Close-Up Of Proposed Apartments. Credit Here.

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