A Captivating Novel Of The Empress of the French Empire

As someone who usually studies primarily British and American history, I was a little wary of how interested I would be in “Becoming Josephine”. But my doubts were soon put to rest! This book is full of era-accurate events. From both slave revolts and French Republicans inspired by our great Washington and Jefferson, Josephine’s life is told with obvious passion for the time period and subject.

Fueled by philosophy, this book shows how Josephine learns from the great philosophers of the time period that all people are equal and that women are entitled to their own opinion and to have the opportunity to achieve power and influence. Showing the glam of the era AND the disgusting acts perpetrated during the Revolution, it truly captures the entire era of changes and freedom.

One thing I would have liked to have seen more of is more of the world-famous Frenchmen of the era like Marquis de Lafayette and the event most Americans know Napoleon best for, the Louisiana Purchase, but I understand why they were not included. All in all, this book captures a life in the center of a time ruled by philosophy and the birth of the republics that shape our world we live in today.

Empress Josephine’s life is one that anyone can relate to, whether they are an ambitious woman or a multicultural person trying to find themselves. I can see this book being found on bookcase shelves near pieces on Empress Theodora of Constantinople, Queen Elizabeth I of Britain, and Eleanor Roosevelt of the United States. From the colony of Martinique, to the tumult of the French Revolution, to the luxurious palaces of Paris, this book is an important study of the time of philosophy being applied to government and society.

Heather Webb, author

*About the Author*

Heather Webb grew up a military brat and naturally became obsessed with
travel, culture, and languages. She put her degrees to good use teaching
high school French for nearly a decade before turning to full time novel
writing and freelance editing.

When not writing, Heather flexes her foodie skills or looks for excuses to
head to the other side of the world.

For more information please visit Heather’s
You can also find her on
Pinterest <http://www.pinterest.com/msheatherwebb/boards/> and


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