What You Will Be Seeing From “Seize The Moment”

So by now, I have posted 3 reviews and one interview, but that is just a taste of what will be to come on Seize The Moment. I will continue with book reviews and interviews, but will also be having album reviews, movie reviews, political posts, writing about experiences at different locations of interest, updates on my writing of my Trilogy on my ancestors, and much, much more!

I will be reviewing albums and movies that are of interest to me. An album, for example, that I hope to be reviewing this month is “BEYONCE” by Beyonce, which came out last month. Movies also, that I hope to review this month, are “The Butler” and “Fruitvale Station”. These titles are to give you an expectation of where my interests in entertainment lie.

I will post about political topics. I hope to get up some posts about, for example, what needs to be in an Iranian Nuclear Deal for it to be beneficial, updates on the Affordable Care Act’s implementation, reducing American poverty, and much more. My personal beliefs make me a moderate Democrat, and you can read more about them in my “About” section.

I will post about new places I have been and my experiences at those places. Anything of historical value is somewhere I want to visit! 🙂

I plan to post updates on the writing of my Trilogy of fictional autobiographies on 3 of my ancestors. The first book is currently being written, and it is about Resolved Waldron, a man who helped colonize Dutch Brazil and New Netherland, and held many positions of power for the Dutch and the British. The other 2 are set during the First Crusade and the American Revolution(in the West; Ohio) and Frontier days, and they follow Rudolph Van Waldron and Christian Fast, respectably. Maybe a few chapters will even be posted on here to give you a taste. 😉

I hope that you will read “Seize The Moment” and thank you to all who have already done so and hopefully will continue!


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