Components Needed In Final Iranian Deal For It To Be Beneficial


(As with any of this blog’s posts, all opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own)

            The Interim Iran Nuclear Deal, reached in Geneva last November, was announced in the last day or so to be implemented on January 20th. This deal was agreed to by the P5+1 (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, China, and Iran) to halt the Iranian Nuclear Program to work out a final, sweeping deal.

The Iranian Interim Deal set in place goals to be reached in the 6 months after implementation date. The major points of this deal are, but not limited to,

Concessions For Iran:

-Halt enrichment over 5%

-Dilute near-20% uranium stockpile down to at most 5% or no enrichment state

-Put on hold adding enrichment capabilities

-Not increase stockpile of 3.5% low-enriched uranium

-Halt progress on Arak Reactor and Not Pursue the Plutonium Path

-Provide IAEA monitoring+inspections of components of Nuclear Program

Provided By The 5 Powers (All If Iran Commits):

-Not Enact New Nuclear-Related Sanctions For The 6 Months

-Suspend Some Sanctions on Precious Metals, Auto, and                                      Petrochemical Exports

-Continue Humanitarian Assistance for Iranian People

The sanction relief amounts to only $7 billion, and can be put in place again, with new added, if Iran reneges.

(For More Information On The Interim Deal, Visit


My Proposals For Final Deal:

1.      Dismantle The Arak Reactor

The Arak Reactor allows for the Iranians to extract plutonium from its spent nuclear fuel. This reactor could allow for Iran to produce 1 to 2 plutonium nukes annually. Arak could be modified, but would be better if just totally demolished.

2.      Dismantle at Least Half of Nuclear Centrifuges

            The Iranians must scrap at least 50% of its centrifuges, and modify all others that have the bomb-production capability. In exchange for this, Iran should be allowed to develop a peaceful nuclear energy program that must be regularly monitored by the IAEA.

3.      Amp Up IAEA Monitoring of Iran’s Military Bases

This proposal would protect the Iranian people and Iran’s neighbors from missiles and other weapons. Iran would be required to allow the IAEA to monitor military stations to prevent weapons from being acquired that violate international law. Iran must invest in further weapons protection programs to prevent terror groups from acquiring them.

4.      An Annual Meeting of the P5+1 For the Next Decade

The P5+1 should meet at least once a year for the next 10 years to discuss the status of the deal and to improve relations between the nations. This annual meeting may help the P5 hammer out further deals with regard to Iran, such as women’s rights, education, and anti-corruption.

All of these proposals are my own, and I urge officials to consider them in the negotiation toward the final deal. I have great optimism in the success of the negotiations and am convinced that it will help America, Iran, and the World. I also want Americans to voice their concerns/support for the deal and to not obstruct it.


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