A Package With A Letter And Photo Came To My Doorstep Today From Hillary Rodham Clinton!


Today I came home to a surprise, a package that was obviously not filled with a book. As someone who writes letters to my heroes, I am used to getting packets back, with autographs from some people such as Senator John Glenn, Walter Mondale, and NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, but was not expecting this! I opened the packet with my trusty letter opener, and knowing that I had last sent letters to both Clintons, knew that it may have come from one of them.

I pulled out the 2 items in the envelope and was really happy: A letter and photo from Hillary Clinton!


I looked at the photo first. I was happy that it was my favorite shot of her, and that it was personalized with my name.


I then looked at the letter. It made me feel good that someone read my letter because it mentioned some of the things I had written to her about. She encouraged me to “bring my energy and ideas to the public square” and “I also admire your ambition”. I also have suspicions that she may have actually signed it herself, due to my careful eye developed over time to spot real and machine autographs. The blue Sharpie ink was on top of the “m” in type in the typed signature, not printed under it, and was comparable to ones that were signed at events from people who watched her sign it.

I will frame both and keep them both in excellent condition and will treasure them all my life. I look forward to hopefully working as an organizer for her campaign in 2016 “if she runs“. It was a refresh knowing that one of our people in power are still in touch with the people, along with the President (who tries to personally reads around 10 letters from everyday citizens every night) and I look forward to reviewing the confirmed book about her time as Secretary Of State in June, published by Simon and Schuster.


2 thoughts on “A Package With A Letter And Photo Came To My Doorstep Today From Hillary Rodham Clinton!

  1. Congrats on your surprise packet from Hillary Clinton. Awesome! I know you are going to change the world and I can say “I knew you when…” Keep it up! Be sure to stay warm! Hope to see you soon.

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