Sochi Winter Olympic Series #2: The Uniquely Impressive Medals


2014 Sochi Olympic Medals. Credit To IOC (

The Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medals have been awarded since 1896, but there has never been a design that can even rival the Sochi design. As much as I don’t want to give President Vladimir Putin credit for anything, I have to commend his leadership on this, along with the Opening Ceremony.

The medals this year feature the “Patchwork Quilt”, a representation of the diversity of Russia. They also depict the Sochi landscape, with the sun’s rays shining through the mountains and onto the Black Sea’s beaches.


Close-Up Of The Gold Medals. Credit to IOC (

The front of the medals show the Olympic Rings and the patchwork quilt. The reverse side has the name of the Games in English, and the Russian, French, and English is engraved on the rim.

The most amazing part about the medals, in my opinion however, is the fact that the medals awarded on February 15th contain pieces of the meteorite that caused widespread damage in Russia last year. Nothing like this has ever been implemented into the medals, and is a wonderful idea. 10 medals will contain bits of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, and 40 additional meteorite medals will be sold to private collectors. The events on the 15th include alpine skiing (women’s super-G), cross-country skiing (women’s 4×5-kilometer relay), short-track speedskating (women’s 1500 meters and men’s 1000), skeleton (men’s), ski jumping (men’s large hill), and speedskating (men’s 1500).

I hope future Olympic Games follow the lead of Russia and develop their own unique medal design. Perhaps something to do with the rainforest for the 2016 Rio Olympics, and the ancient warriors of Korea for the 2018 South Korea Games? I look forward to February 15th to see the special medals awarded, and wish I could buy one of the collector ones for myself!


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