Sochi Winter Olympics Series #3: Why Sochi?

20140214-225906.jpg Credit Here.

The current Winter Olympics are being held in Sochi, Russia. A town not known to the world as Moscow and St. Petersburg are, Sochi is the rich town of Russia. Logically, it is too warm to host Winter Games, but financially it puts plenty of money into the pockets of a lot of the political leaders of Russia.

Sochi was built to what it is today by Josef Stalin, the man who ruled the Soviet Union and killed over 20 million people. It is a resort town on the Black Sea, one of Russia’s few subtropical areas. Stalin built his favorite dacha there, and other summer homes were built there also. After the loss of the Crimean Peninsula, Sochi became the unofficial summer capital. Putin has invested a lot of money in Sochi, and many of the policy makers and elite of Russia flock there for vacation.

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This is why Sochi was picked. A place already full of the richer Russians, it is warm and sophisticated. These qualities bring people there because Moscow and St. Petersburg don’t really offer those. The major issue, however, is that these are the Winter Olympics. This town has palm trees in it. They are using fake and saved snow for the Games. This is all a ploy to purely add more money to what the Russian upper-class already has, and is a lot like what we have seen come out of there 40 or 50 years ago. Russia should have never been picked to host, because Sochi is the only place where they could even try to host. Yes, Siberia is Russian, but no one lives there. I still enjoy watching the athletes, and don’t want to boycott the games, but I don’t agree with what the elite are doing. President Putin, if I may say, is also very happy that the games are in Sochi, because it benefits his power. He is currently ranked as the world’s most powerful man because, unlike us in the US, Putin holds basically all the power in Russia.

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I am also a little worried about the next Winter Olympics, in South Korea. Close to the demilitarized zone between the Korean nations, North Korea or ideologues may be a threat to the Games. No matter if the Sochi Games are corrupt or all a ploy, boycotting them would be wrong because it only hinders the athletes. We need to stand up to the power hogs in Russia, but not at the Olympics, when we are to put politics behind us.


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