Marek Tyszkiewicz: Building On The American Dream With Integrity

Mr. Marek Tyszkiewicz

I was lucky enough to sit down a few days ago to a personal FaceTime interview with Mr. Marek Tyszkiewicz. The son of Polish immigrants who lived the American Dream, Mr. Tyszkiewicz is a pension actuary, someone who has secured billions of dollars for hard-working Americans, and a businessman. He is running for Ohio’s 2nd US Congressional District Seat and this district includes all or parts of 8 counties in southern Ohio near the Ohio River.

Halina Tyszkiewicz, Marek’s Mother.

Mr. Tyszkiewicz and I first talked about his heritage and upbringing, one of being a son of immigrants who overcame the odds to make it here, to America. His father Stanislaw was a lieutenant in the Polish Army, escaping capture by the Germans, but then was sent to a Siberian gulag by the Soviets. His mother Halina was also Polish, and was sent to a Siberian prison camp too, on a train. Tyszkiewicz told me that after Churchill’s order to Stalin to release the Poles so that they could fight the Germans, his father went back into the Polish Army. His mother, affected by years of brutal winter and the devastation put on her body by the labor camp, was almost dead. But she did not die, and her savior was an unlikely one. Tyszkiewicz said that the Iranians didn’t care for the British, but liked the Poles, so they agreed to take these refugees. A town called Isfahan is nicknamed the “City of Polish Children” because of the hundreds of thousands of Poles that escaped to there. Halina was labeled an orphan, and was sent there, and recovered from the emotional and physical wounds inflicted upon her by the Communists. She ended up in Jerusalem and then when the civil war between the Jews and Palestinians began, she went to England. Stanislaw was also there, and they met and married. They had to decide, though, if they were to go back to Poland or come to America. Tyszkiewicz said that, to them, the former was impossible, and the events of their life so far make them feel that America was the greatest place for them to come and start a new life. Marek Tyszkiewicz said that these experiences that his parents went through are the reasons why integrity is so important to him. His parents are the embodiment of the American Dream, where you can escape oppression and come, work hard, and make a comfortable life for you and your family.

Halina and Stanislaw’s Wedding Photo

Next, we discussed his career as a pension actuary. It is obvious that he has worked tirelessly to make sure that hard-working Americans are able to retire safely and comfortably without predatory Wall Street over them. Tyszkiewicz said that he wants to take an active role in Congress to end the war on traditional retirement. He said, “401ks were created by accident, a loophole in IRS tax code, and Wall Street loves them.” He expressed that he wants to strengthen Social Security and tie the minimum wage to the cost-of-living. About the President’s most recent step in regard to retirement, he said “MyRA is a start, but they don’t address the longevity risk of people outliving their investments, like traditional pension plans.” He wants to bring back the promise of a decent retirement for all Americans that work hard.

He wants to simplify the tax code to benefit small businesses. This is important to him, he says, because small businesses should not have to spend so much money on legal fees that they are cutting way too much money out of their profits. He wants a fair, simple tax code that any business can understand.

Integrity: The Problem-Solver

Tyszkiewicz went on to talk about his family. “My wife Missy is the most remarkable person I know. No one has more integrity than her. I also have two wonderful boys, Jack and Harry. You couldn’t ask for two boys with bigger hearts. I learn as much from them as they do from me.” He and his wife run the Move Your Hyde Yoga Studios, helping many people in the Cincinnati area become healthier and reach their goals. It was obvious all throughout the interview that Tyszkiewicz is a man who loves his family very much, and believes very much in family values.

We talked about why he is running on integrity. Tyszkiewicz said, “When integrity is present, problems disappear.” He was upset at the partisan bickering that led to last year’s government shutdown. He is ready to negotiate across party lines, but is not naive. “I cannot be the only one coming to the table with integrity. It needs to be shared.” He also offered this everyday analogy to why integrity is important. “A good comparison is a bridge. If it has integrity, it works. But if it lacks integrity, it collapses.”

Finally, he told me why he is campaigning for political office. “I am running for Congress because I want to make a difference, get America out of this standstill, and get Congress working again.” I believe that Marek Tyszkiewicz has the leadership to keep the promise of America alive, and knows why it is important because his life was only possible because of it. He is ready to bring positively to the pessimistic town of Washington and to a tired nation. He expressed in the interview that he knows that his success was possible because the government was fair and worked for Americans, and he wants to keep that promise alive for future generations.

Throughout the interview, Mr. Marek Tyszkiewicz proved to be an honest, trustworthy man. Descended from immigrants who came to America to better their life, he knows that the way forward is to keep the American Dream alive. He has helped countless Americans retire with comfort, and will take this tireless advocacy to Congress.

Visit The Campaign Website.

Author Note: I want to express my gratitude to Mr. Tyszkiewicz for allowing me to do this interview. The photos are from him, and I look forward to our future interviews.


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