5 Things I Am Hoping For In Adele’s Next Album

Adele. Credit Here.

It is hard to believe that it has been 6 years since Adele’s “19”, and 3 since “21”. This year has been confirmed as the year for her next album, and I am really excited. I love Adele, and look forward to some new songs. I am so excited, I decided to write an article about what I am going to be looking for in it. 4 of the following are personal hopes, and one is a rumor that would make me probably faint if it comes true.

21. Credit Here.

1. Keep The Album Title Adele’s Age

I believe that this technique of naming the CD is spot-on. It allows the artist to show how much they have developed as they grow. Adele’s first album, “19”, was very Brit-as it was what she was forged from. “21” was a lot more historical, the power of Mahalia Jackson meshed with the soul of Nina Simone. I don’t think the age thing is an insult, but an encourager. No matter what anyone says, Adele ages like a fine wine.

2. Singing About Herself

Adele has a son now, thought to be named Angelo, and has had time to develop many new experiences. We can assume these are more happy, and I think that will be the theme of the next CD. Maybe a song like “Blue”, by my other favorite artist Beyonce, will be seen about her son. I would also like to see a song a little more personal, maybe one about her and her husband Simon Konecki that is not too intimate, but shows their love.

Skyfall, By Adele. Credit Here.

3. More Songs Like “Skyfall”

I loved “Skyfall”, the song and movie. I am a HUGE James Bond fan, and the greatest opening credit Bond theme was Skyfall by Adele. I would like to see songs like this, of perseverance and tradition. It was an awesome song, with swag that I really want to see more of from Adele. I would like to have the feeling that Adele is singing to me, which she does so well for all, and encouraging me on to overcome.

4. The Art

Adele has had some pretty cool art done to accompany her songs before. This album will most definitely be about the little things in everyday life, so I would like to see the cover be something like Adele chasing her little son in the park. Her video for “Someone Like You” is one of the most iconic done ever, and more black-and-white with bits of color would be nice.

Adele and Beyonce. Credit Here.

5. The Rumor: Adele And Beyonce Together!

I read a reputable rumor that Adele and Beyonce are collaborating together for a song on Adele’s next album. Oy! I would literally buy up all the copies of this song available! Imagine the pure awesomeness that could come from this collaboration. These are my 2 favorite artists, and I really hope this rumor is true.

Well, there you go. I would like 25 to be autobiographical, inspired by the little things in life. I want more songs like “Skyfall”, and for there to be a lot of promotional photos with Adele and her family. I also cannot wait for the Adele-Bey collaboration. I will be listening to Adele’s CD when it comes out this summer from the first day available.

Adele: The Artist Of Our Generation. Credit Here.


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