The Path Forward For The New Ukraine

Ukraine in Europe. Credit Here.

On Saturday, February 22nd, the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, was impeached. This move comes after extreme turmoil erupted earlier last week in opposition of the President’s actions. Over 100 people have been killed in Ukraine, and these protests started because the former President sided with Russia over Europe.


Parliament still exists in Kiev, and it will be the sole place for power in the nation right now. It is democratically elected, and opposed Yanukovych’s corruption. Parliament impeached the President, and placed an acting President in place. The people need to trust in Parliament, and Parliament needs to unify the people.


Former President Yanukovych and the cabinet members responsible for the protestor’s deaths need to be turned in to the International Criminal Court. Rather than be killed by Ukrainian rebels, they need to be put on trial, and, if possible, be charged with war crimes. The former cabinet and former President have fled Kiev, and their whereabouts are not known. Yanukovych may still be in Ukraine, but also may be in the United Arab Emirates.

Jubilant Ukrainians During Revolution. Credit Here.


The uprising is inspired by the fact that Yanukovych took a $15 billion USD bailout from Russia rather than an integration deal with the European Union. The new government will need to ally itself with Europe, and leave behind the past. Ukraine is a former Soviet state, and because of that needs to end it’s relationship with Russia. Europe offers new possibilities and will successfully help the Ukraine end its very deep economic problems.


Ukraine needs to end the corruption that has plagued it for many years. Yanukovych is accused of poisoning one of his predecessors, and imprisoned another. The people need to unite and work together to solve the problems the country faces. The people were the ones leading the revolution, and must all pitch in and keep government officials accountable. Fair elections are the only path forward that will lead to a new, better, more successful Ukraine.


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