Letter To Russian Government: The Soviet Union Ended. Stop Trying To Take Ukraine


Dear President Putin and The Russian Government:

Your actions are inexcusable. They will not be tolerated.

You are violating the sovereignty of a nation. Ukraine left the Soviet Union when it dissolved back in 1991. It is its own country, and yes it is in turmoil, but it is not your job to settle it. You have plenty of your own issues to take care of.

We in the West will not allow this. While you can, you need to call your troops out of the Crimean and stay out of Ukraine. Sovereignty cannot be violated without consequence, as you like to tell the world often. Your troops, or the ones you deny as yours, have seized a council building, airport, and a part of Crimea. Ukraine may have been together with you before, but that was 23 years ago. The West does not matter if it was your “crown jewel”, it is not part of Russia anymore!


Moscow cannot become the new rulers of Crimea. You are starting one of the biggest crises for us in the West since the Cold War. I know this is exactly what you want. Your coup will not work, though. The revolution in Kiev was by ordinary citizens, people fed up with Yanukovych and his corruption. They were guided only by the principles of democracy, not “fascists” as you have called them. Your coup will be guided by Moscow, from the top, and many in Crimea will not stand for this.

Yanukovych, I am speaking to you too. You will not be permitted to govern Crimea, no matter what the Kremlin tells you. You were overthrown because you were corrupt, and even if you are placed in power, Russia cannot hide you forever. Do, though, say hello to Edward Snowden for us.


Moscow: Stop trying to take Crimea. The Soviet Union fell 23 years ago. You must respect Ukraine’s sovereignty, and back down when the rest of the world tells you to. There is a reason we have international laws. I know you are ready to bring back the old East, but it will not, and cannot, happen.

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