“Frozen” Is A Disney Masterpiece Belonging At The Top Of The Animated Classics List

Theatrical Poster. Credit Here.

“Frozen” is a 2013 Disney Animated Studios film, the newest release. It tells the story of royal sisters Elsa and Anna; Elsa, a forcibly reserved girl with a curse, and Anna, a fearless leader who is joyful and lovable. As very young girls, they were close, but a tragic turn involving Elsa’s curse forces her to shut herself away to prevent anyone getting hurt.

When Elsa is crowned Queen of her kingdom, the castle opens its gates for one day. A rare occurrence, Elsa is scared of what her curse (ice) will do, but Anna views it as a chance to see her sister again. Throughout that day, love at first sight occurs, and then Elsa ends up showing her curse to the people and leaves kingdom, with her powers making it eternal winter.

Anna, the accidental cause of Elsa’s meltdown, goes after her to end the winter. Elsa begins to realize that she needs to, as the popular song from the movie says, “Let It Go,” and tries to put the “past in the past.” Anna encounters companions, Elsa tries to control her curse, and the plot rises to an epic ending of true love between sisters, how a curse could be used as a gift, and goodness at heart.

Elsa. Credit Here.

I feel that “Frozen” is the greatest Disney movie ever made. I have seen a lot of Disney films since I was little, and I say this with the upmost certainty.

One of the many who were tired of all the romantic love saving the day, “Frozen” (like The Lion King) focuses on family ties. The love between two sisters is what carries this movie and is the basis for the plot.

The visuals in “Frozen” were remarkable. The ice was utilized to create beautiful snowflakes and crystals in purples, blues, and greens. The movie also created beautiful characters, and allowed for greater action and ice formations.

“Frozen” is a masterpiece from Disney. A movie with a new plot, it compares greatly to “The Lion King” and “Tangled”, with family ties and wonderful animation. “Frozen” is a movie for the ages, and will be considered one of the greatest animated movies in motion picture history and has quickly become a classic.

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