Obamacare Reaches 6 Million Days Before Open-Enrollment Deadline

Over 6 million Americans have signed up for Obamacare since October 1st, when the enrollment period started. President Obama announced these numbers Thursday in an effort to make one final PR push for the health reform program.

After a botched rollout, the 6 million number is huge for the Obama Administration, and proves that Obamacare does work. The President obviously wants to finish out the enrollment period, and put his energy behind more initiatives, such as immigration reform, income inequality, and new foreign policy concerns.


The 6 million number will not be the final number, as many are signing up just in time to make the March 31st deadline. For example, the HealthCare.gov website had 1.5 million visits and more than 430,000 calls on Wednesday. Expect a number closer to 6.5 million or even the initial goal of the Administration of 7 million enrollees.

The people likely signing up last minute are probably more likely to be young people, who currently make up 25% of sign-ups. I foresee this number rising to about 30%, which is about enough to offset the higher costs of insurance for older, sicker Americans.


These numbers coming in show that this is the healthcare reform that works, not a free-for-all nor single payer/socialized healthcare. Almost 15% of the uninsured population now have insurance thanks to Obamacare. Premiums are actually low in cost. For example, a typical 40 year old in Cleveland can expect to pay $177 for a bronze plan.

Obamacare is working, evident by all of these statistics. The political pundits will make their comments, but Obamacare is helping people. The health care reform is literally saving lives, and saving Americans their hard-earned money. No one should go bankrupt, or die, due to a lack of options in regard to health issues. Not in America. Never again.

Get Covered Now!

Credit For All Visual Media Goes To The White House.



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