Personal Letter And Autograph From President Bill Clinton: Is This Real Life?!

President Bill Clinton Doing What He Does Best: Bringing People Together. Oslo Accords, 1993. L-R: Yitzhak Rabin, Clinton, Yasser Arafat

Recently I had sent letters to both Secretary Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton. I wrote about my ambitions, and the cause I am to make my life’s work: poverty. A couple months ago, in early February, I had received a letter and autograph from Secretary Clinton (which I wrote about here.)

This month, though, I was lucky enough to get a response from the Office of Bill Clinton at the Clinton Foundation:


It is a personal letter from him, along with a signed bookplate. I was honored to receive both of these, as I hold him as a hero of mine. It also meant a lot to me what he said in the letter, which included:


“I was especially inspired by your passion for promoting racial and economic equality.”

“I can tell that you’re already…thinking thoughtfully about how to empower others to live their best life stories.”


And in an allusion to the title of his autobiography, he said:

“Good luck onto your life.”

Bill Clinton was one of the greatest Presidents we have had, and has emerged as a true statesman. I am truly grateful for the time and energy he put in writing me back, and it is something that I will hold with me for a very long time. Both Secretary Clinton and President Clinton are figures that I admire greatly, and they “may” (wink) both be making firsts in 2016


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