Poverty Must Be Our Focus To Fulfill The Dream

Dr. King Receiving His Nobel Prize. Credit Here.

Oh, how men of compassionate, tolerant hearts willing to do all necessary for the betterment of all people can connect across decades, even centuries.

The dream is far from realized. Half of all public schoolchildren are now in poverty, as of 2015. People of all races cannot live life without finding institutional discrimination, which matters much more than verbal racism. Over 40 million of our fellow Americans are suffering in poverty; out of this, those suffering worst are blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans. And the poverty rate is only getting higher.

I am ready to lead the next great change, this time with a focus on poverty. We must look at our people less as black, Hispanic, Native American, American of Arab Descent, etc., and more as fellow Americans. We must reduce poverty and improve education to save the dream.

Credit Here.

We as America are a beautiful tapestry, woven together by strands representing every race. The strands should not hate each other because they are a different color, they should all work together. When strands are eliminated through the loss of opportunity, the American Dream, the whole tapestry falls apart.

I am ready to help all who suffer in the deepest depths of the human condition, that of poverty. And I will pay whatever price, bear any burden, for this to happen.

Thank you, Dr. King, for starting the great change. We must carry the torch now, and focus on our issues, like poverty, which is worse now than even in the 1960s. We must also prevent what happened in the last 50 years, regression, from happening again.

We must never let our hearts turn dark, for no tolerant democracy can run on hatred.


One thought on “Poverty Must Be Our Focus To Fulfill The Dream

  1. Your closing sentence says it all. No human society — or human being, for that matter — can thrive on hatred. Those who hold themselves out as patriots while fomenting divisiveness are delusional.

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