Thank you for visiting Seize the Moment. My name is Nassem Al-Mehairi and I am 18 years old. Four years ago, I started this blog to review books I’ve read, analyze and discuss political & foreign affairs topics, and interview newsmakers and other interesting people. In the summer of 2015, I took a hiatus that became an extended absence. Now, in 2018, I am back and ready to write about those things that interest me.

I have had great experiences in the political realm, especially working as a Fellow for the Ohio Democratic Party and the Hillary for America campaign in 2016. In any of my political writings, I draw on my experience, history, and the objective facts for analysis. I am a proud moderate Democrat, pursuing not easy sound-bites but solutions that truly work. I will always be a proud American citizen first.

Another topic that intrigues me is foreign affairs and America’s role around the world. My greatest interest is in Eurasia, specifically Russia. In 2014, I wrote a seventeen-part series on the Russian invasion of Crimea and advocated for the United States to take a stronger stance against Russian aggression. I will be writing about current topics not from a partisan or sensationalist viewpoint but (hopefully) with clarity.

My greatest passion is for history, something I have been in love with from an early age. Vast historical eras draw my interest, including Colonial and Revolutionary America (especially when it comes to George Washington), Ancient Egypt and Rome, Victorian England, and the Cold War. Be prepared for many articles on historical events and people.

I am a huge fan of James Bond, both Ian Fleming’s books and the films. I am decidedly pro-Sean Connery (From Russia with Love is my favorite) and pro-Daniel Craig. The Americans is by far my favorite television show and I believe is the greatest show ever created. I have also been devoted to the Assassin’s Creed video game series from the very beginning.

Finally, literature is one of my greatest interests. My library is full of Shakespeare and Dickens and I have the goal of reading each of Mr. Dickens’s books starting this year. My favorite Shakespeare play is Othello and Our Mutual Friend is my favorite by Dickens (so far).

Please feel free to leave me any comments and I hope you enjoy my writings. If you are interested in following me on Twitter, my handle is @nassemalmehairi. Thank you!

Chelsea and me

This photo was taken when I met Chelsea Clinton in March of 2016 in Cleveland.

Nassem Hayes Home

This is a photo of me at the Rutherford B. Hayes Library in Fremont, Ohio. I visited in 2017.



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