James Boschert’s Talon Series

I am currently doing a blog series to publicize the author of the Talon Series, James Boschert, and his books. I am doing a blog series,where we will do a preliminary interview, then I will do reviews of all the books in the series, and finally we will close the series with a final interview.


Talon Series #1: First Interview With James Boschert On His Life Stretching From Malaysia To The Mideast

Talon Series #2: Assassins Of Alamut Is A Multi-Dimensional Novel Of The Crusades

Talon Series #3: Knight Assassin Continues The Series With A Unification Of French And Assassin Skills

Talon Series: Assassination in Al Qahirah Is A Riveting Adventure In Crusade-era Egypt

Talon Series #5: Review Of Greek Fire

Talon Series #6: Second Interview With James Boschert

Books In The Series:


An epic novel of Persia and Palestine in the Time of the Crusades, the Assassins of Alamut is a riveting tale, painted on the vast canvas of life in Palestine and Persia during the 12th century. On one hand, it’s a tale of the crusades-as told from the Islamic side-where Shi’a and Sunni are as intent on killing Ismaili Muslims as they are crusaders. In self-defense, the Ismaili’s develop an elite band of highly trained killers called Hashshashin (Assassins) whose missions are launched from their mountain fortress of Alamut. But, it’s also the story of a Frankish boy, who is captured and forced into the alien world of the assassins. Forbidden love for a princess is intertwined with sinister plots and self-sacrifice, as the hero, and his two companions discover treachery and then attempt to evade the ruthless assassins of Alamut who are sent to hunt them down. It’s a sweeping saga that takes you across 12th century Persia and Palestine, over vast snow covered mountains, through the frozen wastes of the winter plateau, and into the fabulous cites of Hamadan, Isfahan, and the Kingdom of Jerusalem.


A joyous homecoming turns into a nightmare, as a trained assassin must do the one thing he didn’t want to do-become an assassin again. Knight Assassin is story of treachery, greed, love, and heroism set in the Middle Ages, just prior to the Third Crusade. Talon, a young Frank, returns to France with his uncle Phillip, a Templar knight, to be reunited with his family who lost him to the Assassins of Alamut when he was just a boy. When he arrives, he finds a sinister threat hanging like a pall over the joyous reunion. Ruthless enemies, who will stop at nothing to destroy his entire family to achieve their ends, are challenging the inheritance of his father. Talon will have to depend upon a handful of Welsh Archers, whom he met at sea, and his uncle’s trusty sergeant Max to help him defend his family from this plot. To accomplish that, however, he must also use the skills he learned as a Persian Hashshashin to tip the balance in his family’s favor.


Assassination in Al Qahirah: The third novel in The Talon Series offers a riveting tale of courage, comradeship, sacrifice, and treachery in the time of the Crusades. Talon is finally returning to the Holy Land to search for his lost friends, but Fate has other plans for him. He and his companion Max, also a Knight Templar, find that they have to survive in a hostile country. Embroiled in a world seething with old enmities, intrigues and treachery at the highest level, harried from every quarter by hired assassins and mercenaries, they are forced to join up with unlikely allies. Talon must call upon on all of his skills as an assassin and choose between keeping an oath to protect his allies, or escaping to resume his quest.


Greek Fire, Book Four of Talon: Imprisoned for brawling in Acre, Talon and his longtime friend Max are freed by an old mentor from the Order of the Templars and offered a new mission in the fabled city of Constantinople. There Talon finds that winning the Emperor’s favor obligates him to follow the Emperor to war in a willful expedition to free Byzantine lands from the Seljuk Turks. And beneath the pageantry of the great city, plans are being fomented by aristocrats who have made a reckless deal with Arab pirates to sell the one weapon the Byzantine Empire has to defend itself, Greek Fire, to an enemy bent upon the Empire’s destruction. Talon and Max will find themselves in a fight for their lives – on the sea, and in the labyrinthine back streets of Constantinople where Talon must outwit his own kind, the assassins in the pay of a treacherous alliance.

Praise For The Talon Series:

Boschert draws on both his childhood and time in the British army, when he lived in Iran for more than five years, and this gave rise to his fascination with the time period for this story: the Crusades from the vantage point of the Persians. The pace of the writing is impressive; patient in detail without meandering dead-ends, or minutia for minutia’s sake, and enough confidence to avoid relying heavily on dialogue.” -Historical Novel Review


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