The Location Of Ancestor’s Home In Modern World Is Remarkable

Castello Plan of New Amsterdam

I have been at work on my debut novel, tentatively titled Bounded Destinies. It is about 2 of my ancestors: Resolved Waldron and Christian Fast, and how they were pivotal in the birth of democracy in North America. Resolved Waldron was born in Amsterdam, lived in Recife, Brazil (written about here), and was Governor Petrus Stuyvesant’s right-hand man in Dutch Manhattan. In my novel, though, he is a secret fighter for democracy, working to establish a democracy in North America where all are free.

When Waldron moved to Manhattan, he lived in a house on the present-day West Street. The house location is in section B, house 4:

Basic Version of Castello Plan

He lived in this home for 22 years, from 1645 to 1667, with his wife and children. The modern location, however, is very amazing, at least to me. As someone who plans to move to NYC when I am an adult, I especially love the buildings of the Financial District. Well, the land the Waldron house sat on is now part of the 16-acre World Trade Center plaza, just slightly south of the South Tower Memorial Fountain. See for yourself, 1776 feet in the air, from the One World Trade Center:

Credit to TIME.

Awesome, right? It is cool to know that my (multiple-greats) grandfather lived where the financial work that runs our nation occurs. It is because of Resolved Waldron and the other democracy-seekers and free-market believers that New York is the capital of the world economy, and One World Trade Center is a true testament to both him and all the Americans who have worked to make a more perfect Union.