Ukraine Crisis

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I have been covering the Ukrainian Crisis since the first signs of unrest in the capital city of Kiev. With a unique perspective I use the method of “modern journalism”; that is, my best friend in this is Twitter. Just for reference, I get most of my information for these from people on the ground in Ukraine, professional journalists (Fareed Zakaria, Christiane Amanpour, and Nicholas Kristof), and live watching UN, NATO, and other Security Council Meetings.

Ukrainian Crisis Series:

1. (2/20/14) The Turmoil In Ukraine Does Affect The West And US Foreign Policy

2. (2/23/14) The Path Forward For The New Ukraine

3. (2/25/14) An Original Short Story By Nassem Al-Mehairi Set In Modern Ukraine

4. (2/28/14) Letter To Russian Government: The Soviet Union Ended. Stop Trying To Take Ukraine

5. (3/2/14) Ukraine and The Russians: How To Respond

6. (3/5/14) Ukrainian Crisis: The US’s Imperative Ally For Sanctions, The United Kingdom

7. (3/12/14) Ukrainian Crisis: The Bosphorus

8. (3/16/14) Ukrainian Crisis: Crimea Votes To Join Russia

9. (4/7/14) Ukrainian Crisis: Escalation In Eastern Ukraine

10. (4/13/14) Ukrainian Crisis: Turning Point In Eastern Provinces

11. (4/18/14) Ukrainian Crisis: The Reason Why Putin Calling Eastern Ukraine “Novorossiya” Is Worrisome

12. (5/2/14) Ukrainian Crisis: Death Toll Spikes As Ukraine Is On Verge Of War

13. (5/7/14) Ukrainian Crisis: Why This Is An Urban War and How To Handle It

14. (5/11/14) Ukrainian Crisis: Referendums In Eastern Ukraine

15. (7/17/14) Ukrainian Crisis: Passenger Plane Shot Down Over Ukraine, Killing 295, Including 23 Americans

16. (7/18/14) Ukrainian Crisis: Scene Where Plane Was Shot Down Shows Intl. Diversity In Casualties


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